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Costa Rica Property Listing’s Top 10 Reasons Why People are Choosing Costa Rica

In our past years of serving clients at Costa Rica Property Listing, we’ve consulted with hundreds of prospective Costa Rica residents who have stated multitudes of reasons for wanting to purchase property and make the transition to Costa Rica. In this article, we’ll share our discoveries and highlight the Top 10 Reasons Why People are Choosing Costa Rica.

1) The Weather

In the midst of unpredictable, extreme global weather patterns as of late, Costa Rica remains a tropical paradise. Sunshine is plentiful throughout both dry and rainy seasons, with an average year-round temperature of 72ºF in the Central Valley.

These weather conditions save big bucks on utility bills, as air conditioning is rarely necessary and heaters are a thing of the past. Not to mention, the months that North America considers “winter” are actually Costa Rica’s “summer” and the warmest months of the year.

2) Diverse Natural Beauty

Geographically Costa Rica may be smaller than most U.S. states, but the variety of natural wonders within this small country is beyond compare. Within a few hour drive on a “weekend trip,” you can be lounging in a natural pool at the base of a waterfall; swimming in the ocean waves and bathing in the warm sun; taking in the vista glowing hot lava inching down the side of an active volcano; making eye-contact with toucans while sailing through a rainforest canopy; or drinking hot, fresh local coffee while watching exotic birds at the heights of a 9,000-foot mystical cloud forest.

Whether you enjoy taking relaxed walks in nature, fishing, water sports, hiking, rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, this lush ecosystem offers something for everybody.

3) Neutral Politics

This phrase may sound contradictory, but Costa Rica is as close as it gets, having no standing military, and thus has earned the status of “Switzerland of the Americas.”

4) Costa Rica Real Estate

Costa Rica offers an amazing range of real estate options, from homes, apartments, and condos to estates, development land, sustainable farms, city life, and community living, with your choice of ocean views, waterfalls, natural springs, to name just a few, at excitingly affordable prices.

Plus, whether you opt for suburban, countryside, coastal or beachfront living, it’s possible to enjoy the amenities of home nearby—at prices that match what you pay for your home.

5) Lower Cost of Living

In daily life, your dollar will go further in Costa Rica than it does in North America. For example, utilities (electricity, water, telephone, etc.) are cheaper, costing anywhere from 30% to 50% percent of what you are probably accustomed to paying.

People also spend significantly less on food, in many cases enjoying a higher quality of Mother Natures bounty and local cuisine. Public transportation is a bargain too, and a night at the movies will cost you about half of what it does in the United States.

It’s the little things in life that count, so these examples illustrate a few of the factors many people find so attractive about Costa Rica.

6) The Health Care System

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not—and for this reason, the health care situation is universally appealing to retirees, families, and individuals of all ages. The quality of Costa Rican medical care is comparable to North America, but the cost is much lower, and bona fide social security is your basic right here.

Even tourists are able to receive needed medical care, and the benefits only improve when you become a resident. Not to mention, Costa Rica has achieved international recognition for its broad array of high-quality cosmetic/elective surgeries and holistic health care options too.

7) The Ability to Design Your Dream Lifestyle

While lifestyle details vary for each person, Costa Rica affords everybody the opportunity to live a lifestyle of their dreams. For some people, the emphasis may be on experiencing nature and adventure on a regular basis, while for others it may mean developing new business, or planting a garden and growing your own food, or building the house you’ve dreamed about since you were a child.

For some, hiring help to clean that house is also on the list, and fortunately, domestic help is a good deal in Costa Rica, too. Whatever you’re dreaming of, chances are you can find it or create it here.

8) High-Quality Produce and Water

Most people who vacation for more than a day or two in Costa Rica come to appreciate the way their bodies feel, in part due to “what’s on the outside” in the green, vibrant surroundings, but also “what’s on the inside”—all of the fresh, healthy food and clean water that’s available to fuel our bodies here.

Acres upon acres of nutritious fruits and vegetables are harvested and sold at weekly farmer’s markets (and daily in some areas), bypassing the chemical sprays of import/export processes. For many people, “eating local” cultivates life-affirming energy of supporting and participating in the life of the country.

What could be healthier than drinking water from mountain springs? And even in suburban areas to which water travels further, the government takes care to ensure the quality and availability of clean drinking water, truly living up to the standards of “Pura Vida”.

9) Business and Investment Opportunities

In addition to real estate investment, many people find Costa Rica a fertile ground for investing in or growing their own business. If you are accustomed to running your own business, then with a balanced dose of creative innovation and knowledge of the laws of the land, you can cultivate a prosperous endeavour in this constantly expanding Latin American market.

There is a reason why Wal-Mart recently selected Costa Rica as its Latin American headquarters, and you will discover why, too.

10) Social Life and Self-Discovery

In Costa Rica, you’ll come to know yourself quite well among your new Tico friends, who have a rich and vibrant culture that they’re typically more than happy to share. What’s more, with a higher population of North Americans per capita than any other Latin American country, Costa Rica is also a wonderful place to meet and live among like-minded people who share your interests, passions, and love of Costa Rica.

The more people who move here year after year, the more social clubs pop up and the more varied the opportunities become. You don’t have to look past bulletin boards or local magazines to find out what they are. And as in the good old days, many lasting friendships are formed just by casual introduction at a local cafe.

On the flip side of socializing, Costa Rica provides ample tranquil spaces for spending quiet time alone with yourself in some of the most beautiful natural surroundings on Earth.

Costa Rica Property Listing hopes you found the above information helpful. If you have any questions about the content of this article or would like our help in finding a qualified team of professionals that will assist you in exploring your real estate options, please contact us. We are always available and happy to serve you.

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