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About Costa Rica Property Listing

Costa Rica Property Listing all started one morning in June when Bolivar and Rob met for coffee to brainstorm another project. After we exhausted ideas for that project, we sat back and enjoyed our coffee and the Costa Rican air.

We got to thinking, with our skill-sets, local knowledge, and contacts, helping people in their journeys to Costa Rica is a perfect fit. We figured the best place to start was a real estate website. Costa Rica Property Listing was born.

Finding the perfect place to stay is the hardest part when coming to Costa Rica. If you are staying for a week, or plan to call Costa Rica your new home, being comfortable is key. No matter where you go in life, if you don’t feel 100% safe and comfortable, can’t get a good night’s sleep, then you’ve already started off on the wrong foot.

On the way to finding your tropical dream, which is actually a lot more of a reality than you might think, Costa Rica Property Listing will help you every step of the way.

Currently (July 23rd), Costa Rica Property Listing consists of a property for sale, but in the very near future will feature rental properties.

Rob recently wrote an article about retiring in Costa Rica, and one recommendation was to travel the country. Rent, take your time and explore to find the best fit for you.


The article helping you retire in Costa Rica was full of great information, including facts, emigration programs, weather, flying times, FAQ’s and much more.

Starting with an airport pickup, complete with refreshments for the drive, we will make sure you are safe and comfortable the entire time you are in Costa Rica, letting you take care of business without sweating the small stuff. Let Bolivar and Rob show you the way to Costa Rica.

Bolivar Rodriguez

Bolivar Rodriguez, Costa Rican nationality, born in a humble and hardworking family with Christian principles, raised in the Guapiles area in Limon Province of Costa Rica.

Bolivar moved to the Jaco Beach area more than 14 years ago where he worked in tourism for more than 12 years. While working in the tourism industry, Bolivar had the chance to learn a lot about what people are looking for in Costa Rica. This allowed Bolivar to meet a lot of great people, including his Costa Rica Property Listing partner, Rob.

During his free the time Bolivar manages to study ways to generate profits online, creating websites and helping small entrepreneurs to market their products and services to end-users.

Bolívar is in charge of the technical and Digital Marketing sides at Costa Rica Property Listing. He is always willing to talk with customers and help them in any possible way to make their visit more comfortable and convenient.

Rob Keough

Rob Keough is a Canadian who grew up across the country but was born and raised on the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland. Instilled with strong family values and work ethic, Rob began spending most of his time in Costa Rica in 2013 after he needed a change.

With 14 years experience as a paramedic, Rob saw a lot of the world when working in the seismic industry, spending 8 years providing remote medicine offshore. With experience working inside the emergency department and on the ambulance, he has seen a thing or two.

Working towards his Costa Rican residency, Rob has found great pleasure sharing his experiences in this beautiful country. While working online, Rob always finds time to devote to his Costa Rica-based Instagram @findcostarica.

His main goal is helping people find their way to Costa Rica, and offer them the best experience possible, whether it’s a week-long vacation, or making the big move here to retire. Costa Rica Property Listing was the perfect fit.

He is excited about mixing his skills with Bolivar’s to create a place where people feel comfortable asking questions about moving to or visiting Costa Rica.

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